Chicken Rate List Today in Lahore 2024

If you are looking for Chicken Rate List Today in Lahore 2024, So you have come to the right place. Here we will share the daily updated Poultry rate today in Lahore.

In Pakistan, chicken is the most popular meal. Chicken farming enterprises in Pakistan are flourishing every day. Broiler chickens are available in Pakistan’s all-meat shops and major department stores, such as Metro All branches, Hyper Star branches, and other outlets.

The Pakistani broiler chicken industry is one of the largest in the world, with annual demand projected to reach 100 million birds by 2020. Pakistani weddings are known for their generosity, which uses plenty of chicken. Pakistani restaurants and hotels regularly utilize broiler chickens.

Broiler chicken is low-cost meat in Pakistan, costing much less than mutton or beef. Due to the high mutton cost in Pakistan, many lower-class families cannot consume it.

Chicken Rate Today Lahore | Poultry Rate Today Lahore 2024

In this list, you can find the following poultry rates in Lahore;

  • Broiler Chicken Rate in Lahore
  • Broiler Chicken Meat Price in Lahore
  • Eggs Wholesale price in Lahore
  • Eggs Shopkeeper / Karyana rate list

Commissioner of Lahore Poultry Price List

According to the Commissioner of Lahore, the list of new poultry prices is below.

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Item Price in Lahore
Broiler Zinda Murghi Rs. 437
Broiler Chicken Meat Rs. 634
Anda Farmi Paiti Rs. 8,250
Anda Farmi Darjan Rs. 279

The Price of Broiler Chicken Live in Lahore is Rs. 437, While Broiler Meat rate in Lahore is Rs. 634. and the other hand, the price of 1 dozen eggs in Lahore is Rs. 279.

Today’s Chicken Rate in Pakistan

In Pakistan, broiler chickens are available at a wide range of prices, from around 390 to 450.

Desi Chicken Price in Pakistan

Chicken is eaten in Pakistan in two varieties: broiler chickens and Desi chickens. Desi Chicken is the most nutritious food, but Desi chicken is the most expensive in Pakistan.

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