FA IT Subjects list in Pakistan 2023-24 [UPDATED]

Here you can read the complete details about the FA IT Subjects list in Pakistan 2023-24.

In this article, we will explore the different subjects offered in FA IT programs in Pakistan. In today’s digital era, information technology (IT) is essential to our daily lives.

IT covers various subjects such as programming, cybersecurity, data science, and web development. These subjects are crucial for shaping our technology-driven world.

Whether you are passionate about coding or interested in securing digital information, FA IT subjects offer opportunities to explore and specialize in various aspects of IT.

Importance of FA IT Subjects

FA IT subjects play a vital role in our society. They bring about significant changes, improve how things work, and connect various aspects of our lives.

Whether you are an individual, a business, or part of the government, being proficient in using technology is crucial to stay competitive and succeed in a constantly evolving world.

Learning FA IT subjects provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to use technology effectively and contribute to the ongoing digital transformation.

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Here is the list of FA IT Subjects in Pakistan;

Compulsory FA IT Subjects

Compulsory IT Subjects List
Islamic Studies (Part 1)
Pak Studies (Part 2)
Computer Science

Elective FA IT Subjects

Elective IT Subjects List
Physics Education
Home Economics
English Literature
Islamic Elective

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