Marble Price in Pakistan (Latest Updated List)

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If you want to create a lovely house, marble flooring will be the essential element. Before you buy it, you should understand the pricing in Pakistan for marble. Today, we’ve compiled a list of all Pakistani marble prices from 2021 to 2022. Concerning its kind and origin, marble prices vary considerably. Marble flooring provides your space or any other place with a fantastic appeal.

Common Types of Marbles in Pakistan:

Marble type is chosen for its location, kitchen top, stair steps, bedroom floor, etc. The following are some of the most frequent varieties of readily accessible marbles available in Pakistan’s market;

  • Tavera
  • Verona
  • Ziarat White
  • Ziarat Grey
  • Badal Grey
  • Michael Angelo
  • Flower
  • Sunny Grey
  • Zebra
  • Ziarat Grey
  • Granite
  • Botticino (Botticina)

Latest Marble Price in Pakistan Today

The cost of marble varies from Rs. 40 to Rs. 100 depending on the grade. Granite marble costs range from Rs. 450 to Rs. 1500 depending on the province in Pakistan, Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Balochistan.

Marble Type Picture Marble Price List / Square Feet
Badal  Badal Marble Rate in Paksitan Rs. 40
Tavera Tavera Marble for Floor Price in Paksitan Rs. 50
Flower Flower Marble Price List Rs. 59
Sunny Grey Sunny Grey Marble in Pakistan Rs. 45
Sunny White Sunny White Marble Cost in Pakistan Rs. 65
Zebra Zebra Marble Price Range in Pakistan Rs. 50
Ziarat Grey Ziarat Grey Marble in Pakistan Rs. 65
Black Granite Black Granite Marble in Pakistan Rs. 500
China Verona China Verona Marble in Pakistan Rs. 70
Black galaxy Black galaxy Marble in Pakistan Rs. 1150
Botticino (Boticina) Botticino (boticina) Marble in Pakistan Rs. 98
Silky Black Silky Black Marble in Pakistan Rs. 65
Tropical Grey

Tropical Grey Marble in Pakistan Rs. 270

Marble Stone Rate in Pakistan in Square Foot

The price of marble is per square foot or murabba foot, depending on the stone. You can choose from a variety of marbles based on your budget. Marble pricing may vary somewhat with minor variations in size.

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