Pakistani Funny Dramas List 2024 (Top 25)

If you are looking for Pakistani Funny Dramas List 2024, you have come to the right place. Here, we will share the top list of funny dramas in Pakistan.

Pakistani Best Comedy Dramas List 2024

Here is the list of comedy dramas in Pakistan.

Alif Noon (PTV)

“Alif Noon” is a situational comedy that originally aired in black and white. The series features two characters: Allan (played by Kamal Ahmed Rizvi) and Nanha (played by Rafi Khawar).

Allan, a shrewd businessman, devises unethical schemes to make quick money, often using Nanha as his unwitting accomplice. The show sheds light on societal issues while delivering humor.

Uncle Urfi (PTV)

This black and white drama, created by renowned writer Haseen Moin, combines romance and tragedy. Uncle Urfi (played by Shakeel) returns to Pakistan from Canada.

The main heroine, Beena (played by Shehla Ahmed), adds to the comic chaos. Jamshed Ansari’s portrayal of Hasnat Ahmed stands out in this entertaining series.

Fifty Fifty (PTV)

A gem in the sketch genre, “Fifty Fifty” offers hilarious sketches. The show features various characters and situations, leaving viewers in splits. It’s a classic that continues to be cherished.

Bulbulay (ARY Digital)

Running for over a decade, “Bulbulay” revolves around the quirky Nabeel family. The lead characters include Nabeel (played by Nabeel Zafar), Momo (Hina Dilpazeer), and Khoobsurat (Ayesha Omar).

Nadaaniyaan (ARY Digital)

The drama follows three lead characters: NidaDanish, and Yasir. Their playful antics and misunderstandings create a delightful comedy.

Shashlik (PTV)

“Shashlik” is a comedy series set in a bustling restaurant named Shashlik. The main characters include:

  • Chef Shafqat (played by Moin Akhtar): The talented yet eccentric chef who takes immense pride in his culinary skills.
  • Waiter Nusrat (played by Anwar Maqsood): The bumbling waiter who often mixes up orders and creates chaos.
  • Regular Customer Mrs. Javed (played by Bushra Ansari): A witty and opinionated lady who frequents the restaurant and has a knack for meddling in everyone’s affairs.

Joru ka Ghulam

“Joru ka Ghulam” translates to “The Husband Under the Wife’s Thumb.” The drama humorously portrays the life of Ghulam (played by Naseem Vicky), a henpecked husband, and his dominating wife, Joru (played by Saba Qamar).

Their daily struggles, misunderstandings, and quirky interactions form the crux of the show.


“Rangeelay” is a light-hearted comedy-drama that revolves around the lives of three friends:

  • Rangeela (played by Noman Ijaz): A street-smart man with a quick wit and a penchant for getting into amusing situations.
  • Billo (played by Saba Qamar): Rangeela’s love interest, equally witty and resourceful.
  • Bablu (played by Ali Safina): Rangeela’s loyal friend, always ready for an adventure.

Ladies Park

Set in a park, this drama introduces us to a diverse group of women who gather daily for their morning walks. The main characters include:

  • Mrs. Khan (played by Bushra Ansari): The chatty and opinionated matriarch of the group.
  • Mrs. Siddiqui (played by Samina Ahmed): The elegant and sophisticated lady who enjoys gossip.
  • Mrs. Rizvi (played by Hina Dilpazeer): The quirky and health-conscious member who often stumbles into humorous situations.

Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat (Geo TV)

Part of the popular “Baraat” series, this comedy-drama focuses on the matchmaking efforts of Azar (played by Hasan Niazi) and his family. The lead heroine, Sila (played by Sarwat Gilani), adds her own flair to the chaotic proceedings.

Teen Batta Teen (PTV)

“Teen Batta Teen” translates to “Three by Three.” The show revolves around three friends:

  • Billa (played by Kamal Ahmed Rizvi): The street-smart and witty leader of the trio.
  • Shani (played by Moin Akhtar): The lovable goofball who often gets them into hilarious predicaments.
  • Chikna (played by Ishrat Hashmi): The innocent and naive friend who unwittingly becomes part of their adventures.

Aangan Terha

Set in an old Lahore house, “Aangan Terha” portrays the lives of the quirky tenants and their interactions with the landlord. Notable characters include:

  • Akbar (played by Bushra Ansari): The witty and resourceful tenant.
  • Chaudhry Sahab (played by Salim Nasir): The eccentric landlord who often clashes with Akbar.

Ulta Seedha (Aag Network)

“Ulta Seedha” translates to “Upside Down.” This sitcom humorously depicts the ups and downs of married life. The main characters are:

  • Nabeel (played by Nabeel Zafar): The husband who finds himself in comical situations.
  • Saima (played by Hina Dilpazeer): His well-meaning but quirky wife.

Family Front

“Family Front” is a sitcom that revolves around the quirky members of the Butt family. Their everyday misunderstandings, eccentricities, and family dynamics provide ample humor. Notable characters include:

  • Faraz Butt (played by Samina Ahmad): The well-meaning but often clueless matriarch.
  • Saima Butt (played by Saba Hameed): The strong-willed daughter-in-law who navigates family chaos.
  • Nabeel Butt (played by Waseem Abbas): The laid-back son who tries to keep the peace.

Kollege Jeans

Set in a college, “Kollege Jeans” follows the misadventures of students and teachers. The blend of youthful humor, friendships, and college life resonates with viewers. Key characters include:

  • Professor Kamran (played by Jawed Sheikh): The quirky college professor with unconventional teaching methods.
  • Zoya (played by Sana Fakhar): The spirited student who often finds herself in amusing situations.

Chana Jor Garam

“Chana Jor Garam” is a family drama that revolves around the lives of an upper-class Pakistani family living in a luxury apartment in a posh neighborhood. The show highlights the importance of family bonds and maintaining relationships even when faced with challenges.

Main Characters:

  • Farhan (played by Faysal Qureshi): The responsible elder son who balances work, family, and societal expectations.
  • Sara (played by Saba Qamar): Farhan’s ambitious wife who strives to maintain her social status.
  • Dadi (played by Bushra Ansari): The wise and witty grandmother who keeps the family grounded.
  • Zain (played by Ahmed Ali Butt): The younger son with dreams of becoming a chef, often caught in hilarious situations.

Hamare Dada Ki Wasiyat

“Hamare Dada Ki Wasiyat” is a comedy-drama that aired on Express Entertainment. It portrays the meaning of family and the complexities that arise when a family falls apart. The story emphasizes the value of familial ties.

Main Characters:

  • Dada Jan (played by Qavi Khan): The patriarch who leaves behind a mysterious will, setting off a chain of events.
  • Nadia (played by Sarwat Gilani): The granddaughter determined to uncover the secrets hidden in the will.
  • Rashid (played by Adnan Malik): Nadia’s childhood friend and confidant.

GT Road

“GT Road” is a thrilling drama that takes place along the iconic Grand Trunk Road. The series delves into the lives of various characters whose paths intersect on this historic highway. It combines elements of mystery, romance, and suspense.

Main Characters:

  • Ayesha (played by Aamina Sheikh): A journalist investigating a series of mysterious incidents along GT Road.
  • Ali (played by Mikaal Zulfiqar): A truck driver with a hidden past.
  • Inspector Rizwan (played by Adnan Siddiqui): The dedicated police officer trying to unravel the truth.

Korangi Ke Satrangi

“Korangi Ke Satrangi” is a colorful drama set in the vibrant neighborhood of Korangi. It follows the lives of diverse characters, each with their dreams, struggles, and unique stories. The show celebrates the spirit of community and resilience.

Main Characters:

  • Gulzar Baji (played by Samiya Mumtaz): The neighborhood matriarch who knows everyone’s business.
  • Bilal (played by Danish Taimoor): A struggling artist trying to make a mark.
  • Shabnam (played by Sohai Ali Abro): A spirited young woman with big aspirations.

Barfi Laddu

“Barfi Laddu” is a light-hearted comedy that revolves around the misadventures of two friends, Barfi (played by Ali Safina) and Laddu (played by Ushna Shah). Their quirky personalities and humorous encounters create a delightful watch. Here are the main characters:

  • Barfi: A carefree and impulsive guy who often lands in comical situations due to his spontaneity.
  • Laddu: Barfi’s loyal friend, equally eccentric, and always ready to support him, even if it means getting into trouble.

Apna Khana Khud Garam Karo

“Apna Khana Khud Garam Karo” translates to “Heat Your Own Food.” This sitcom humorously portrays the dynamics of a joint family living under one roof. The show emphasizes self-reliance and individual responsibilities. Key characters include:

  • Naseem Bhabi (played by Bushra Ansari): The witty and resourceful sister-in-law who manages the household.
  • Munna (played by Faysal Qureshi): The lazy but endearing brother-in-law who constantly avoids chores.
  • Chandni (played by Saba Hameed): The matriarch who believes in empowering women.

Dilnaz Naseeb Wali

“Dilnaz Naseeb Wali” is a romantic comedy that weaves together fate, love, and laughter.

The story revolves around Dilnaz (played by Sajal Aly), a young woman with an unusual ability to predict people’s future relationships. Her encounters with various characters lead to amusing and heartwarming moments.

Raja Ki Chandni

“Raja Ki Chandni” is a classic comedy-drama set in a fictional kingdom. The show follows the escapades of Raja (played by Javed Sheikh), a well-meaning but clueless ruler, and his witty advisor, Chandni (played by Saba Qamar). Their banter and attempts to solve kingdom problems provide endless entertainment.

Dil Toh Baccha Hai

“Dil Toh Baccha Hai” explores the lives of three men from different age groups, sharing an apartment. The show humorously portrays their romantic entanglements, aspirations, and mid-life crises. Notable characters include:

  • Naren (played by Ajay Devgn): The mature divorcee trying to find love again.
  • Abhay (played by Emraan Hashmi): The young playboy navigating relationships.
  • Milind (played by Omi Vaidya): The innocent bachelor who dreams of settling down.

Alpha Bravo Charlie

Alpha Bravo Charlie remains a classic, capturing the essence of friendship, duty, and sacrifice within the backdrop of military life. The series pays homage to the Pakistan Army and resonates with viewers even years after its original broadcast .

Main Characters:

  • Captain Faraz Ahmed (played by Faraz Inam)
  • Captain Kashif Kirmani (played by Capt. Abdullah Mehmood)
  • Captain Gulsher Khan (played by Capt. Qasim Khan)

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