How to Get Approval Fast (Legal Way)

If you are looking for how to get approval fast. So you came to the right page.

There are just a few high-quality publishers available when it comes to utilizing contextual ad networks to monetize your blog.

One of them is, Yahoo! and Bing’s network for contextual advertising. ( is a network for sponsored links provided by Yahoo! and Bing.)

However, the higher the ad network’s quality, the more difficult it is to get approval.

Follow the instructions in this article carefully, one by one. You may obtain media net ad network approval if you follow the below easy tips. Requirements

Here is the list of requirements that you need for approval.

  • Get Minimum Organic Traffic
  • Create Quality and Unique Content
  • Create a minimum of 20 to 25 posts
  • Create Important Pages i.e., Contact Us, About Us & Privacy Policy
  • Good Site Design for User Experience

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Things to Do before Apply to Media Net

Get Minimum Organic Traffic approval does not require a minimum traffic level. Instead, you need a decent amount of organic traffic.

So, before applying to an online advertising company, you must build some traffic.

Create Quality Content

Quality is more important than quantity. As a result, you must produce high-quality, unique content. Make sure your blog is updated regularly when you apply for approval.

Create a minimum of 20 to 25 posts

To receive a lot of traffic, you’ll need to post at least 20 items. There is no minimum number of visitors that you must reach to complete your task; instead, produce high-quality content as often as feasible.

Create Contact Us and About Us page

It is crucial to create an About Us, Contact Us, and Privacy Policy page.

Make sure you describe yourself and what your website is all about clearly. Make the most of your description by writing as much as possible.

On the Contact Us page, include a contact form. The Visitor needs to be able to reach out easily.

A Privacy policy page is a must-have for a good website. It’s not about getting approval; it’ll boost domain trust.

Good Site Design

No one will return to your website if you don’t have a professional website designer. If your site has an ugly design, it won’t attract visitors. So work hard to develop a beautiful website.

Remove All ad codes (Very Important)

In order to get media net approval, it is vital to point this out.

Remove all advertising companies Ad Codes before submitting your media net application.


If your application is repeatedly rejected, you must follow the tips mentioned above. So You will get ad network approval fast.

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