Pakistan Navy Ranks and Salary [Badges & Stars]

If you are looking for Pakistan Navy Ranks and Salary, then you came to the right page. Here we will share with you Pakistan Navy Basic Salary and ranks.

When you have a balanced personality and are interested in joining Pakistan’s defense forces, then you should consider joining the Pakistan Navy as a commissioned officer. The Pakistan Navy is divided into various ranks. Ranks are assigned based on the caliber of candidates. Ranks assigned to responsible candidates are based on their performance. It is important for you to have good leadership skills.

Interested in joining the Pakistan Navy? You have come to the right place. If you want to become a commissioned officer in the Pakistan Navy, you should know about its ranks. I will also discuss salaries along with ranks. Achieving a higher rank requires hard work. The Navy requires zeal and devotion in order to succeed.

In the defense forces, there are different ranks with different stars. Pakistan Navy’s highest rank is four stars. Prime minister and president of Pakistan select officers with four stars.

There are several ways to join the Pakistan Navy. In order to join the Pakistan Navy, you must have at least an intermediate degree. It is necessary for you to pass the initial test. You must then pass the ISSB test.

Below is a list of Pakistan Navy ranks. You must know the Pakistan Navy’s ranks and salary before joining. The next paragraph will provide an estimate of the basic salary of officers in the Pakistan Navy. Additionally, the government provides allowances to these officers as well. They are also given a transport allowance, a medical allowance, and a house allowance in addition to their rent allowances.

Pakistan Navy Ranks and Salary

As the Pakistan navy consists of a large number of members and symbols that recognize their role as commanding officers and continuously change according to their responsibilities, there is a multitude of naval members. There are different ranks available to troops across the world (the Royal Navy, a uniformed service, and the United States of America with their naval signs and ranks), and they are equivalent to other ranks from around the world, complimentary to the rank structure of the Royal Navy (the uniformed service).

Pakistan Navy Ranks Ranks/Badge Basic Salary Government Allowances
Admiral of the fleet Basic Salary 5 Stars Rs. 50000 Not Included in Salary
Admiral Basic Salary 4 Stars Rs. 45000 Given
Vice Admiral Basic Salary 3 Stars Rs. 36000 Given
Rear Admiral Basic Salary (OF-7) Rs. 36000 Given
Captain (OF-5) Basic Salary Rs. 32000 Given
Commander (OF-4) Basic Salary Rs. 28000 Given
Lieutenant Commander (OF-3) Basic Salary Rs. 24000 Given
Lieutenant (OF-2) Basic Salary Rs. 20000 Given
Sub Lieutenant (OF-1) Basic Salary Rs. 16000 Given
Midshipman Basic Salary Rs. 12000 Given

Other Benefits

There are different types of concessions available to Navy officers on the railway. Officers also receive discounts from airlines. Families of Navy officers are provided with free medical care. Family members of Navy officers can receive medical care at CMH hospitals. There is a separate educational system for the Pakistan Navy. Children of Navy officers receive different educational facilities. Upon graduation, you can join the Pakistan Navy.


Throughout the article, I provide you with complete information about Pakistan Navy ranks. The salaries of these employees are also discussed. The best way to join Pakistan Navy is to focus on academics as well as personal development.

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